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Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. I am a Family photographer in Alexandria, Virginia specializing in children and newborns. My style is edgy, modern, sophisticated & fun. I enjoy finding outdoor locations to shoot kids (well, you know what I mean!) in the northern VA and Washington, D.C. area. In addition to photography, I love all things related to design, food, and crafty stuff! So I'll be posting lots of different photos and topics here. Please leave a comment, and check out my website for more info!

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    Georgetown Family Photo Session

    Monday, November 5th, 2012

    I had the pleasure of photographing these sweet kiddos last year.   This year we went to Georgetown for a FUN family photo session.   My favorite things about this session:

    1.  I was thrilled that they asked for an urban, funky, edgy feel to their photographs.

    2.  Their energy:  I could have photographed them all day because their connection was so strong and they were  willing to try anything!

    3.  The brother/sister shots:  I love photographs of children when they’re not looking at the camera.  We got some great ones here!

    4.  The details:  love their adorable shoes/boots,  and there are so many details in their photos that touch my heart:  the way the little girl’s hand rests on her brother’s leg, a dimple, a little twinkle in the eye.  Those are the things I love to capture.