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Newborn photo session with dog

Newborn Photo Session for a December Baby (Alexandria, VA)

Newborn photo session with dogDespite the cold weather outside, this was a wonderfully warm and cozy newborn photo session. Baby E. entered the world right before Christmas, and the family’s Christmas tree was still standing tall.

Newborn photo session with dogThis provided the perfect backdrop for some  beautiful family shots. We also got some adorable ones of just baby alone.

Newborn photo session with dogTo make this photoshoot even more special, the family wanted to include their beloved black lab, Jake. He was so interested in the new addition to the family and absolutely relished being a part of the photos. It was heartwarming to see the bond between Jake and his family.

Newborn photo session with dogDuring the session, dad mentioned he would like to have some “skin on skin” photos with his little one. I love doing this type of photo because it is so natural. 

Newborn photo session with dogIn NICUs, “skin on skin,” also known as “kangaroo care,” is encouraged because it has such beneficial outcomes for pre-term babies. But this simple act has a profound impact on all newborns. When they have skin to skin contact with their parents, newborns’ heart rates decrease, their oxytocin levels rise, and their stress response decreases.  It’s truly a remarkable way to connect and bond with your baby.

Newborn photo session with dogAs a photographer specializing in newborn photography, I strive to capture these special moments that will become timeless keepsakes for families.

Newborn photo session with dogThere is something so  beautiful about capturing the pure simplicity of real life moments in people’s homes. I am honored that my clients trust me to document this precious time.

Newborn photo session with dogIn this particular session, I focused on capturing the simplicity and beauty of both color and black and white images. Each photograph tells a unique story and evokes a different emotion, whether it’s soft glow and colors of the Christmas tree, or the timeless elegance of a black and white portrait.

Newborn photo session with dogPhotographing newborns is more than just a job for me – it’s a way to create memories and preserve the sacredness of these fleeting moments.

By combining the love and excitement of a growing family with the loyalty and curiosity of a furry friend, I strive to create photographs that are unique and meaningful.

Newborn photo session with dog

Newborn photo session with dog


Newborn photo session with dog

Newborn photo session with dog