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To Do Lists!

Over the past year I have really been focusing on learning some new photography techniques and trying out new ways of composing and editing the photographs I take.

I also have two children (8 and 11) who each had strept throat SIX times – – That’s TWELVE total – – in 2014-2015.  In August 2015 we finally got their tonsils out, and they haven’t had strep since, thankfully!

So. . . for the past year or so I have let my blog fall by the wayside!

One of my big goals for 2016 has been to blog more and show my work online through social media.

But I’m felling OVERWHELMED.

Each day it seems I have a million things to do – – as all moms do!  And all these “to-do” items are floating around in my head and making me feel like I never get ahead.

So I made a new way of looking at my lists.

Before I would just make long, general to-do lists (and I use several Apps to help me keep things organized) but lately I’ve noticed that all of my “to-do” items fall into one of four categories, so I decided to make a categorized to-list to help me organize and prioritize.  Apps are great, but sometimes I like to have a paper version on my desk so I can see exactly what I need to work on.  It helps motivate me and stay on task.

I’m sure for some people this is second nature, but for us right-brained disorganized people stuff like this is HARD.

I noticed that my main categories of “to do” items are

  • CLIENTS – editing, emailing, shipping photos, etc. to my clients
  • KID STUFF – April is both of  my kiddos’ birthday month, so I need to plan their parties, plus make some check up appointments, dentist appointments, etc.
  • HOUSE – need to paint a few rooms, get our patio door replaced, clean out the garage, etc.
  • PAPERWORK/EMAILS – taxes (UGH!), thank you notes, birthday cards to send out, medical reimbursement paperwork, etc. I am including BLOGGING on this list since it is sort of correspondence, right?

I hope that this helps me get more accomplished each day (and also SEE what I’m getting done! Those check-off boxes are very important!!).

If you would like to try this way of categorizing your to-do list you can print out the version I use, and I also included a version where you can write in your own categories.  What are the categories you would use?  Maybe I will make a new version with some new categories on it!

to do listcategoriesClick HERE to download To-Do List

Here is a To-Do List with no categories so you can write in your own

to do list1

Click HERE to download List with no categories


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