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Ben at One!

I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie when he was just a few days old.  Now he is already a BIG BOY!!  I just love the canvas his mom had made.  It’s a collage of all his favorite things and the cute things he does at ONE!

One year olds are so fun to photograph.  They usually aren’t talking yet, but they are curious and mobile, and I love running around after them (often on my knees) so I can capture their curiosity and hopefully get some great smiles and laughs!!

Ben-1Acrop copy

Ben-3A copy

Ben-8A copy

Ben-14A copy

Ben-15ABW copy

Ben-17ABW copy

Ben-18A copy

Ben-32A copy

Ben-34A copy 2

Ben-39A copy

Ben-41ABW copy

Ben-55A copy Ben-56A copy

Ben-62A copy

Ben-64A copy

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